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The one thing that is the thread between Mike's music, videos and books is Critical Thinking with the intention of bettering oneself from finding something that is both true and inspiring. It’s about posing the deeper questions of “what," “why”and  “how"and providing solutions to each one. Aristotle said this about the very best type of education: “It’s in the method.” Mike is a “solutions” type of person. MMM,LLC centralizes access to his methods, philosophies and the application of them to his students and to himself.

One aspect of Mike’s work that permeates everything, is the use of the Scientific Method. This doesn’t mean “science” as that term constantly gets severely perverted. The Scientific Method forces an  experiment to follow an experiment’s parameters exactly. It most importantly welcomes testing a perceived correct answer as thoroughly as possible. (pic below is from the link above.)

The diagram below does not include the fact that anybody needs to be able to conduct the same test using the same conditions with every variable exactly the same as the communicated result. This is how Mike tested his systems before publishing them. The had to be 100% successful for 100% of the people using them as directed for Mike to conclude that he found a foolproof method. The only cases where people did not succeed using any of his systems or methods is when the person revealed, or Mike uncovered that they did not follow the steps exactly.

Mike has applied this method, along with Critical Thinking to form a self-developed problem solving method that began with hand-eye coordinated related disciplines (in Rhythm Knowledge.) Volume One in the series leads to understanding a common structure too many academic disciplines in that when you know one thing, you can use it to learn something that you don’t know, or think you can know or do. This is what his “The Grid” is and does. 

On this site’s “Critical Thought” page, you’ll notice that his system looks similar to the Scientific Method’s flowchart look and it is no coincidence that both solid approaches use a structured shape where one was not aware of the other

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